A unique travel experience centred around Brisbane, in south-east Queensland on the eastern coast of Australia - one of the great tourist destinations of the world.

Home based - 200 metres from Moreton Bay, a beautiful body of water separated from the Pacific Ocean by two of the biggest sand islands in the world - and the key word for your stay is FLEXIBILITY.

Our main focus is on cycling as much or as little as you choose - but if cycling is not for you, there are many more activities on offer (as you would expect in a world-class, sub-tropical tourist destination), and we will be happy to discuss these with you.

Our home is about a two-minute walk to the city bus service and about five minutes from the railway station - which enables you to gain easy access to all that Brisbane and the nearby islands have to offer. Brisbane is also a central hub for major tourist destinations such as the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, which are connected to Brisbane by first-class highways, plane, train and bus services.

Please take the time to investigate our comprehensive website and see what we can offer you. It is YOUR HOLIDAY after all. In essence, we would like to help you make the most of your stay.

Brisbane Bay Cycling

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